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Sep. 29th, 2012

Atai Riyu AAA



I went to go see a concert with my friend. It was the KCON concert. For some reason there wasn't a lot of people and it was held in a schools gymnasium. There were only super small segments of each group (like only 30sec of each song... not even a medley) however due to it being a dream, I was only able to see two groups but fortunately SNSD was one of them. Throughout the concert there were various acts and breaks... for one event we all went down to the stage and were playing a game and were divided in two teams (honestly I donteven know what game we were playing but oh well)... We actually had to go somewhere and drive to a certain place... idek where I was going but i was going somewhere.... I was with 2 people i didnt even know and i remember looking outside the window and seeing a familiar parking lot that i've seen when I arrived at the concert (dont ask me what that means foorrr idek lol... i just remember saying in my head [in my dream] that it looks familiar.

Becuz of the nature of a dream... again i FF to when i was in my hotel room with my friend. Our hotel room reminded me a lot of my grandparents house... theres a hallway and on the right theres only 1 big room and on the left there are 2 smaller rooms and at the very end there is a restroom. Anywhoo we were staying in the first left left room. I remember I had to leave for ome unknown reason even i dont know... but i told her id be back.

I eventually end up in the big room to the right and i saw someone in it. He turned around and to my excitement it was ARON from Nu'est. He was wearing a jean blue shirt and sort of a cross between a leather jacket and a sweater over it. He had light blue (almost not quite white but close) skinnny jeans on that were a little wripped all over (not intense!) with Nu'est signature shoes. Hi hair has down and not fixed (looked super normal!) At first I didnt know what to say but eventually I started to talk to him... He was sooo down to earth and welcoming of me to just sit and talk with him. He was really cool and he seem to want to talk. I remember that I asked him a bunch of questions and he was happy to answer them all... (don't ask me what questions i asked cuz i dont remember and i dont remember the answers hahaha) for some convenient reason I had my new Nu'est mininote with me; As we were talking he took it and flipped through it... I was talking so i guess i didnt reli mind or notice that he took it... and by the time we were done talking he handed it to me and I remember feeling confused but when I opened it he had wrote something in it and signed it. I was excited he did that for me. One question I do remember asking is  about what time he was going to leave to do the fansigning and he just looked at me. I was thinking "why is he looking at me like that" he said "AJ, there isn't a fansigning.... and even if there was one, look at the time." ... he continued with "its already 5, we wont have time to do that anymore for we still have the concert to attend" .... but it didnt matter to me for I was already there with him just talking. I was UBER STOKED. (Dont ask me why this totally NOT in chronological order for thats how my dream was lol... the nature of what we dream of hehehe) I felt sooo great just being able to talk to Aron that I told him "Thank You!" and ran back to my room. I remember leaving him and he just sat there on the floor against the wall with his left leg stood up and his knee high as the other one was lazing inbetween the opening in his leg. He even had is left arm on his knee using his knee as a support to hold it up.

When I got back to my room (which was only a few steps awayy) my friend looked at me with daggar eyes pretty much stating where the EF have I been?! But I told her what happened. Then I went back to the room... this time there were more people in there with Aron, about 2-3 people... and low and behold it was the other members that were in disguise (the disguises were actually elaborate for they had actually put on dfferent faces to hide their identity) They all signed my notebook and I needed one more and it was Minhyun! I was looking all over for him and eventually I find him coming into the room and (like a detective) I 'unmasked" him when he came into the room. and he was glad to sign it too... ^____^v

then, I went to ask the leader if it was ok for all of them to sign my poster (so I can laminate it and mount it) and JR was like "idk its only one per fan"...

...and this is where it started to getting annoying, bcuz for some reason someone found out which room it was and told everyone sooo then it started to get super crowded in the room. There were a ton of fans and paparazzi coming in.... and their bodyguards had to literally start pushing us out of the room... I was in the very front being pushed but I found an opening where I stuck my head out (as were being pushed) and I begged and pleaded for them to just sign my poster. JR was really hesitant to do it they all looked at eachother thinking what should they do and so then I looked at Aron (while I was being pushed away with all the other people and for some reason this was all in slow motion .... hahahah... idk why ... but it was almost like watching a movie) saying "ARON! Please! You know how much it means to me to get my poster signed! T.T" (for remember when I talked to Aron? that was one of the things we were talking about) and Aron looks to JR and he almost looked to JR like "just allow it its cool" sorta way. So with Aron's help they all signed my poster as fast as they could before I was pushed all the way outta the room... I remember that Ren was the last one to sign it...

BUT TRAGEDY STRUCK ....again.... for once I was handed the poster I somehow lost it.... FML... When the crown died down and Nu'est left the room, I went back. looking for my signed poster... thinking someone must've already took it T.T... there were a ton of posters left behind by fans in their room. It almost looked like the room was trashed with posters... I flipped and and tossed each one to find my only poster they signed... Me, the only poster they signed was for me!... I was desparately looking.... I looked everywhere and then I turned one poster over and it had all their signatures all over it! I was happy I found it.... but then I woke up!

*Why did I have to wake up?! I was almost sooo angry that I woke that I was about to fall asleep again and not worry about going in to work.... I just love how I got to connect with Aron in a non-celebrity way. I'm sure that most k-celebs are that way.

*I honestly felt like it was real... almost like it reli did happen. I was actually thinking I wonder if Aron deamt that too... but I'm too much of a dork to even think of that stuff hahaha...

*I guess you guess can tell who my fave nu'est member is huh?! lol. But I'm still a Jbaekron fan! lol...

Aug. 9th, 2010

Atai Riyu AAA

My Weekend ~0608-0908:2010~ [[[Prelude]]]

Alright... before i share how my weekend goes... i wanted to share what I got this weekend.... specificaly FRIDAY!!!...

are you ready?....


come on now.....


you sure?.....


This is what I got:
WHAT DID HE GET?!?!?! DRUM ROLL!!!!Collapse )


Jun. 28th, 2010


My personal "dreAm After dreAm"

I would've posted this, this morning but I didn't have time. I basically woke up late and was late for work. So before I left I typed this out soo I wouldn't forget but I didn't have time to post it untill now... T.T gomenasai!

Okay so here is the dream I had this night...

I was going to AOD (another anime convention in SF, CA) and the main guest at AOD is Dance Flow. The day finally arived where they had put on a lil concert for us at the convention. A decent amount of people were there. After a cpl of songs, they sang a song that was SUPER familiar to me. They sang a COVER song. "Hallelujah" by AAA. I was sooo excited when they started to sing this! I was singing along and having a good time. Only like 3 other people were singing along with me  out of the people that were there. After that, I see someone walk by who looks familiar. a cpl of girls were folllowing him and asking his questions. So I started to follow too!

Finding out... it was HIDAKA!!!! OMFg OMFg OMFG... I remembered that all AOD's website and flyer said was DANCE FLOW was coming and various other people. But it never reli emphasized on who exactly was there. Ne wayz as Hidaka was walking, seeming to get rid of the girls he was being followed by, spoke English very well! He didn't have an accent or any thing.

So I went back to the Dance Flow concert and saw my friend tiana there and I was all like


I told her and we started to go and follow him hahaha. We found out that he had a panel to where each and every one individual can go and talk to him and get his autograph and everything all one on one or as a group. It was quite interesting. I WAS SOOO EFFIN EXCITED!

So we get in line but for some reason the line was longer than AOD had expected soo my friend and I were put in an overflow room to wait untill the line got shorter.

LOW AND BEHOLD! Hidaka, for some reason, passed by in the room looking for something. I turned to my friend and was all like:


He turns to us and says:

"Hey! Have you guys seen a gold painted rope around here? Appearently the guests are supposed to be wearing it around our shoulders to signify that we are the guests of honor."

Casually I started to talk to him.

"Um, no. I'm sorry Hidaka" T.T
"No It's alright!" ^^

Then I reli wanted to ask him something, so I went ahead and did. As he was still looking:

Me: "Hidaka?"
Hidaka: "Yea?"
Me: "I was wondering..."
Hidaka: "uh huh?"
Me: "Why weren't you reli advertised in anything?"
Hidaka: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I mean, nothing says in our registration packets or online that you would be here."
Hidaka: "Oh, it's cuz we don't get too many people to come to our (AAA in general) stuff anywayz."
Me: "What???!?!?!"
Hidaka "Yea it's a small turn out usually"
Me: "Well, I don't like it."
Hidaka: "I'm sorry..."
Me: "Can I get your e-mail or something so you can tell us when the times you'll be here? And maybe all the other AAA members too."
Hidaka: "Yea sure, hold on a sec"

After he gave it to me, he started to hide. Cuz his panel was about to start and I'm guessing he didn't want anyone to see him. The line was finally moving so we went to the actual line from the room. We said bye to Hidaka and said we'll see him there.

OKAY HERE'S THE WIERD PART! You know Universal Studios??!!? (It's a place sort of like Disneyland but dedicated to actual famous movies and all their special effects) Well, the line was out side of a SET building, to where when audience entered, a special effects show would start. there was a gate to enter and a pretty decent line.

I found my cousin, who's older than me, passing the back of the line and I told her that this was the line for Hidaka, the AAA goup I'm always talking about. She's all like oooohhhhhh, lets line up then.

WITH MY LUCK!!! We were re-fused for now, cuz the place they entered had a MAX capacity. We waited on a hill where we saw everything, all the special effects and everything. We witnessed the smoke and the water coming at us. (just like in universal studios were everyone witnesses all the special effects).

Once it was almost done, I see my cousin and my friend have already entered the place.... but once it finished, they closed the gate, leaving me outside by myself. I was all like.


So I run up to the gate and lifted up the locked heavy gate. I was thinking, I'm not going to miss my opportunity to actually get to talk to HIDAKA! So I went in and my cousin and friend were waiting for me. There was a gate door we needed to pass also, and good thing they didn't lock it yet. And then one more door we need to go to get inside. We eventually made it inside.

MORE WIERDNESS! Once we got in, it was like one of those cramped lines when you're waiting for a ride. It was inside the building and we finally made it to the front, but there was a cab waiting for us. We got in.

We started to drive to the city. And eventually got in this hotel, and went through a underground garage maze. (I'm guessing it was for privacy so that people wouldn't bug Hidaka too much). But eventually we got there. And the waiters and waitresses were giving us courtesy hotel food while we waited.

We finally got close to the room where he was and about to enter it.

Right when I was about to enter the room Hidaka was in,



I know... Just like ne one's dreams, mine skipped all over the place and didn't make sense after a while, but I wanted to write it down cuz I was soo oexcited to see Hidaka. I honestly thought it was real butappearently it wasn't since I woke up... ughhhh....


Jun. 3rd, 2010

Atai Riyu AAA

29 + 30 + 31

hahaha... his hair isn't dyed in ne of these pics ^^


May. 20th, 2010

Atai Riyu AAA

AAA New Single (Own 2)

yAAAy sooo...  I FINALLY got my Single!!! ^^ i've been blasting in in my car EVERYWHERe I GOOO... soo people can hear AAA hehehehhe... just cuz i'm cool like that ^^

Ne wayzzz cut to the chase, I bought the Atai Riyu Cover single that came with the DVD... I was excited...


haha Woottttt... BUT WAITTT THERE'S MORRREEEE!!!! heheheh After finding out CD only got posters... I Bought that one tooo heheheh... ((Which came two days after the first one....)) PLUSSS I wanted to hear the remixes ne wayzz... which btw I think are pretty cool ^^

CHIAKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
I'm SOOO HAPPY TO Have gotten those cards ^^

Finding out... no poster... I'm PISSED!!! lol... but it's okay at least I got the re-mixes AND CHIAKI ^0^v

Here's both of them together ^^

I'm definitely going to get the 3rd one, cuz I just noticed that my DVD was only Atai Riyu and I really liiked Dream after Dream tooo... So I CAN'T WAIT to order that one too ^^... till then... that's AAAll i got for now ^^


enjoy A greAt dAy

May. 13th, 2010

Atai Riyu AAA

<[Not AAA Related]> [[[Cont. of Sooo Happy]]]and Summer Blog

Wooottt I'm finally outta school! Now, I'll be blogging, Tweeting, Spacing (MS), Booking (FB), and maybe even some Maple Storying hehehe.. for the next 3 months at least ^^

Okay... soo I haven't blogged about this, so I need to blog about it now... since its going way over the time that it should've taken me to blog. So ne wayzzz, I had THE BEST WEEKEND (May 8-10, 2010) you know why?!!?! cuz I hung out with the bestest person ever!

We hung out! (bare yourselves its LOOONNGGG!)Collapse )We hung out! (bare yourselves its LOOONNGGG!)Collapse )
So my plan for the summer.

-Read Manga
-Watch Anime
-Update with AAA
-Make more AAA Gifs.
-Get ready for Fanime, Kin Yoobi, and Yaoi cons heheh
-Also catch up on my Chores ^^

hahaha thats all I have atm... woot woot I'm soo happy ^^

May. 7th, 2010

Nishidaka I Love You

<[Not AAA Related]> Soo Happy!

Lol... soo today, I actually woke up super early and was a lil cranky. I had to open for TR this morning so that's why I'm all like BLAH! hahah. So anywho, I check my phone as I always do for calls or msgs that I've accumulated over night. I got 1 msg from someone unexpected. Jason!
(Back Story: My best friend who I haven't seen for a bout 3 years. I haven't even talked to him on the phone since Last December. He moved far away.)

Jason: Good Morning :)
Me: Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jason: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Well I work till 9:30pm
Jason: When's your lunch?
Me: Maybe around 6-7ish.
Jason: k
Me: Lol btw why you asking?
Jason: I'm just wondering friend.
Me: Lol kk well I'll text you when I'm about to take my lunch.

then I started to work at TR and time flies. Finally, I take my small break. I check my phone.

Jason: Lol well I'll be there around 6:)

I literally got super duperly excited!.... I mean i was like YAY!!!!!!!!!! lol. So then I get off work at 3. Then I called my cousin like I was supposed to around the time I got home which was 3:30. Then went back to work at my other job from 4:30-9:30. Today, I get to work with the BESTEST person who makes my day everyday! lol. So that helped a lot too. everytime I thought about Jason being in town, I literally had a smile on my face. I was more than happy today lol.

So Like I said, I texted him saying that i was going to go on my lunch soon. So there was a customer and I had to help them. Low and Behold right when I was done with them, I see Jason walking up to the door and coming in. I was hella smiling like a lil child. I told them to hold on and that I'd be there in  a min. I rung up the customer and came outside to see him. He brought his Wife and Brother with him. So I hugged his wife and him and i gave his bro a shake lol.

We then sat down to talk. It was amazing. My friend actually said that I looked the happiest just sitting there and talking to them. He said that I never looked more happier than I did then. well, I reli was happy. I haven't seen him in 3 years. And he comes up and I finally get to see him. I was more than happy. nothing can describe the feeling i had.

I was super sad when I had to let them go bcuz I only had like 156-20min break but I think i may have passed it to 30mins. Ughhhh... but stilll. I was soo effin happy.

I still am happy. Hopefully I can get my shift covered tomorrow so that I can hang out with them. I'd reli like that more than anything. T.T

kk thats all ^^

May. 4th, 2010


<[Not AAA Realted]> Hahaha More Blogging

Okay, so this is more for my sake lol. Semester is just about to end in a bout a week or 2 and I STILL have a cpl papers to write. ughhh this sucks... kk so the reason why I'm posting this is more for my record and to vent out my School hahaha.

KK soo Heres what i still need to do!

<3 Persuasive Paper (Listening to AAA) Due Next Monday
<3 Musical Performance Paper (About Cristina Vee in AOD@SF) Due this Wednesday
<3 My Journals (Myth, Film, Racism/Diversity, Homelessness, Literature) All Due Next Monday
<3 Library Assignment (Most likely do @ Home) Due Last day of School *Next Wednesday*

Ughhhh lol Ill eventually figure out wht Imma do xP. Ne whooo.... Thats it... I still can't sleep for some reason So hopefully I'll just collapse soon hahah i have a long day ahead of me.

10am I have a Hair Cut App.
11am-3pm work in the Mall
6pm-9:30pm work again

hahahaha idk how my day willl turn out seeing as if I still can't sleep hahaha... oh well ill figure something out yea? hahaha

Atai Riyu AAA

Can't Sleep ^_~ New Single

SINGLE RELEASES ON MAY 5, 2010!!! And itll be released:
ACKKKKKKKKKK Can't wait!!!!

MAY IS HERE.. THe DAY IS ALMOSt HERE!!!!!! ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

For info on pre-ordering b4 it comes out... check out my earlier blog. Ill post the link

(NEW SINGLE INFO @ dreAm After dreAm BLOG)



Apr. 29th, 2010

Atai Riyu AAA

(no subject)

Ohhh wow... what a day it has been. I'd like to thank aaalove  and ketsune  for doing such a great job in maintaining the attackallaround  comm site. They are doing such a great job. It just that they do not deserve to be put through what they are being put through just to keep the peace in the site.

PLEASE REMEMBER that we are all here for AAA... not for anyone else. If you're here for something other than that, maybe consider redirecting to another comm site that suit your needs? If you don't want to than please just sit tight and don't start nething that can potentially ruin this peaceful community.

As we can all see, the mods are doing their best to keep the comm safe from anything threatening to the comm site. They deserve more than our cooperation. It's hard to be in their position, ESPECIALLY when sometimes it is out of their hands and they honestly cannot do anything about it. They truly are THE BEST.

I know, I'M NEW, and that i may not have the right to be saying what I am. BUT I do understand their position and hard they are working. EVERYONE CAN SEE THAT. So when you guys have time, the least anyone can do is thank them for doing what they do in the name of AAA. its the LEAST.

ne who enuff of that stuff lol....

6 Days left!!!

ughhh why can't may come faster!!!! I want the new single in my hands. BTW don't forget to SUPPORT our beloved AAA so they can keep doing what they are doing ^^ and entertain the fans ONEGAISHIMASU!

For info on pre-ordering b4 it comes out... check out my earlier blog. Ill post the link here tho:

(NEW SINGLE INFO @ dreAm After dreAm BLOG)

AAA<3 / nishidaka <3

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